Our aim is to offer you a great range of
quality sidecar products selected by
our members at the best possible
You are the key to this because we will
determine our product range based on
your product suggestions and our own
product sourcing opportunities.

Based in Beijing we buy in bulk using
our local expertise to ensure our
products are superior quality. Then we
pass those savings onto you.
sidecar pro cj750 cj 750
All-in-one front fork
maintenance and repair kit
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Click here for the all new photo
albums featuring sidecars
and mans best friend.
sidecar dog photo
cj750 parts front fork rebuild kit
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Best usd5 you can spend to protect your duco
and "that" rattle.  Sidecar spare wheel rubber
mount.  OD-218mm ID-160mm
Another price break through part for your
Dnepr, Ural, BMW or CJ750.  Tapered steering
bearings.   Check 'em out  
AUGUST PROMO NOS 1979 Factory 7437
rubber cardan shaft discs,  Suit Ural,
Dnpr, CJ750.  Click image for specs.
terracotta warrior sidecar pro
Handmade Deluxe leather sidecar covers
available for LHS or RHS rigs.  Check it out
by clicking photo
m72 cj750 sidecar cover leather
Have an OHV CJ750 M1S yet prefer BMW
R75/5 styled rocker covers?? click away for a
quick bolt on solution
Relive the good old days with these original
NOS M72 speedo cables that will also suit
CJ750 and K750.  Double click me.
m72 k750 speedo cable speedometer cable cj750
Click the diagram  to be fast-tracked to
four of the most commonly used tools you
will need in your toolbox
toolkit CJ750 parts CJ 750 spanner wrench spark plug cylinder head bolts wheel bolt
Its a best seller for a reason.  Great
upgrade part that doesn't break the budget.
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chang jiang750 parts copper brass carb carburetor float
"Fortune and glory kid. Fortune and
Indiana Jones and the Temple of
cj750 indiana jones sidecar
cj750 r75 bmw valve cover rocker cover mattias sweden m1s ohv
sidecar spare wheel mount rubber buffer m72 cj750 k750 mb750 etc
sidecar pro
cj750 parts chang jiang 750 steering bearing ohv sv
cardan shaft rubber disc nos
The absolute best in customer service
in the vintage motorcycle space will
leave you jumping for joy
sidecar pro sharing the love
Chrome not your thing? Check out the
paintable, matt finish combination horn
and lights switches for 25mm bars.  
combination generalisation generalization switch cj750
M1M or M1S rider? 12V Distributor?  
Check out the custom polished stainless steel
distributor caps by clicking image
cj750 parts 12v distributor cap stainless steel chang jiang
Tap image to view our low profile mini air filters
for Ural M72, M1 M1M, M1S etc.  Polished
stainless steel.
air filter cleaner mini m1 m1m m1s cj750
Perfect toolbox spare.  Nuts and bolts set
in stainless steel for the CJ750.
Tap image
stainless steel CJ fixings set CJ750 parts
1969's finest NOS HQ spotlights with anti
aircraft capability.  Suit wide range of bikes,
sidecars and jeeps.  Tap me.
spotlight foglight search light old vintage army china