A combination of my passion for sidecars and the opportunity of being able to utilise my reading, writing and speaking Chinese
language skills in a real life business setting, are the two key factors behind establishing the sidecar parts buying group

Originally from Australia with a background in supply chain management, procurement and operations for a couple of Australia
and New Zealand's largest retailers sees me being able to leverage this experience on behalf of the group whilst I am on a two
year career break honing my language skills.

I really like being able to offer choice.  Whether that is in shipment methods, offering single units rather than packs, or products
researched and ultimately ranged.  Ultimately, this program is for you, so keep the feedback coming, whether good or bad, as it
is this which will set the direction of where we go.

It has been a lot of fun to date plus I have made a great group of new local and expatriate friends alike, and I am really looking
forward to seeing where we can take this.
Our aim is to offer you a great range of quality sidecar products selected by our members at the best possible price.   You are the key
to this because we will determine our product range based on your product suggestions and our own product sourcing opportunities.

Based in Hong Kong we buy in bulk using our local expertise to ensure our products are superior quality. Then we pass those
savings onto you.   And we recognise that not all shipments are urgent and offer a variety of shipping options tailored to your needs
and your budget. Because we will only ship what you want, when you want it, this also reduces your freight costs.

We need you.  With your input, our community becomes a stronger place.
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