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Vintage Type 59 quad lens flight goggles.

Keep the sun out from all angles with a total of 4 lenses.  
Folds flat.  Looks cool.  Go retro with this 1970's Chinese
Army kit.

Also includes leather belt carry pouch.  Check out the
images below in larger format by clicking on them.

Shipping weight: 140g  Shipping in your choice of speeds
that best suit you:- slow, medium or fast, USD6, 8 or 10.

Item # A000009S                                                  USD 20
cj750 leather flight goggles ural ussr sidecar CJ750 parts
changjang750 goggles flight glasses leather CJ750 parts
cj750 cj 750 sidecar ural m72 dnepr CJ750 parts
cj 750 chang jiang sidecar750 CJ750 parts
CJ750 parts flight goggles ural dnepr eye protection
flight goggles cj750 ural leather CJ750 parts
sidecar pro cj750 cj 750
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