Help us, help you ...
Different strokes for different folks - Quick 1 minute survey
Please take one minute of your time to help us identify where best to spend our time researching product buying opportunities for you.
1/6 Do you prefer parts that are ...
4/6 When you buy spare parts are they usually ...
New reproduction parts

New old original stock

Second hand items

Not bothered, all are OK
Something's broke, I need it fast

Winter's coming, I plan ahead

Mixture of both
2/6 Do you prefer parts that are ...
5/6 Spare parts buying time I usually purchase ...
Good quality

Better quality

Best quality
Service & maintenance items

Custom and upgrade parts

Bit of both
3/6 The faster the postage the greater the cost, so do you prefer ...
6/6 If there were three products I would love for you to include
in the program they would be ...
Concorde fast (<1 week)

Regular airmail (1-2 weeks)

Surface & air (3-6 weeks)

The slow boat (6-10 weeks)