Deserted roads, winding route - the grass is greener Scotland side
Setting the scene with the CJ750 OHV at dusk
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cj750 photos ohv 32hp scotland chang jiang
chang jiang750 ohv scotland cj750 photos
Looks like two sheep have found a new resident on their grassland
This CJ750 M1S OHV loves the open spaces.
Lights, camera, action - perfect dusk for this CJ750
Ava keeping an eye on things & watching every move from her CJ750 bucket
cj750 photos ohv sidecar night scotland
cj750 photos sidecar dog overhead valve
Right.  You've got your paddock.  I've got mine.  All sorted.
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cj750 photos M1S ohv 12V sidecar cows
Rolling grasslands, country roads - perfect locale for cruising on this OHV
cj750 m1s scotland
Water crossings are right up there with flying the chair on the fun stakes
cj750 photos ohv m1s scotland
m1s cj750 chang jiang overhead valve
Helicopter view of Mike's military themed Chang Jiang750 sidecar
sidecar sheep scotland m1s cj
china m1s cj750 chang jiang overhead valve 32hp
Quick pit stop to take in the surroundings
cj750 m1s scotland mike easton