CJ750 Polished Rear final drive with high speed
gear 35:9 3.89:1 assembly

The polished Chang Jiang750 final or rear drive
with 35:9 aka 3.89:1 high speed drive gear is a
great CJ750 parts upgrade.  Its especially suited
to solo and OHV 32HP engines on the M1S and will
give you more top end speed.

Please allow one week for the polishing work.  All
three shipping options: Fast, Medium or economy
surface are available.  Select whichever best suits
your needs and budget.  

Part#1-29 and 38-39 of the CJ750 Parts manual

Item # D460002P          7.1kg          USD 295
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cj750 parts high speed rear final drive gear
cj750 parts high speed changjiang 750 final drive rear gear
cj750 parts high speed rear driving drive gear performance final
cj750 parts high speed chang jiang 750 final drive rear gear
cj750 parts high speed performance chang jiang 750 final drive rear gear
Cardan shaft rubber drive
disc s/steel  
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coupler disc cj 750 CJ750 drive disc elastic chang jiang750 parts
CJ750 complete oil
seal, gasket set
Chang Jiang 750 CJ750 CJ 750 oil seal gasket set
cj750 parts rack pinion read drive high speed gear
cj750 final drive parts rear drive gear diff differential
chang jiang750 parts final drive rear gear view high speed gear
cj750 parts final drive rear high speed gear polished
chang jiang750 parts rear drive polished
chang jiang750 parts final drive
cj750 parts rear drive
chang jiang750 parts final drive rear gear view
chang jiang750 parts final rear drive
cj750 parts final drive
CJ750 polished final drive
standard gearing
cj750 parts final drive rear polish polished
Remember to check your   
final drive oil frequently as the
unit only holds a minimum
amount of lubricant.  
Better to know early if
there is a problem

You'll need a 19mm spanner
or wrench for the task.

cj750 parts maintenance toolbox
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Final or rear drive aka diff
with standard gear
cj750 parts diff differential final drive
Standard fare
Sealin' it up
Fits like a glove
CJ750 NOS final drive oil
seals 1971
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CJ750 final drive gear set
rollers 45pk
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cj750 rear drive gear set roller
Rollin' stones
Factory 7420 final drive
gear 8/37
1972 baby!!
cj750 crown gear bevel gear final drive m72 k750
NOS Factory 7420
CJ750 rear drive bearing
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cj750 final drive differential bearing nut
Bearing nut
M72 CJ750 cardan shaft
rubber sleeve
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cj750 m72 cardan shaft rubber sleeve m1m
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