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12V Ignition coil

12V ignition coils to suit many rides including
CJ750, Ural and Dnepr parts needs.  Great to
keep as a spare.  

Model #DQ107

Weight - 870g

Item # E361100B                         USD 16
ignition coil cj750 parts ural dnepr 12v
chang jiang 750 coil ignition 12V cj750 parts
cj 750 parts ignition coil 12V ural dnepr
ignition coil 12v cj750 parts
sidecar pro cj750 cj 750
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12v ignition coil cj750
Ignition coil clamps
over here cowboy
ignition coil clamp cj750 m72 6v
Clamp it shut
M1M M1S Original spec.
DR203 Capacitors
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12v condensor capacitor DR203 0.23uF 0.28uF cj750 m1m
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